Community Garden

Members of the St Luke’s Community Garden have a wealth of knowledge on vegetable growing, companion planting, organic practices, composting, soil improvement and native plants. The garden is used for a variety of events each year and has held long table lunches and eco-fairs.

The St Luke’s Community Garden is a:

  • Means for bringing together members of the local community through the invigorating and connecting activity of gardening
  • Demonstration site for organic, sustainable, eco-friendly urban living
  • Natural space for outdoor community activities
  • Quiet sanctuary for those wishing to grow vegetables or simply enjoy nature
  • Catalyst to act locally and think globally

After much consultation, support and hard work, St Luke’s Community Garden was officially opened on 31 October 2009. The vacant land adjacent to St Luke’s, which was once used as the parish tennis court, provided parishioners with the opportunity to undertake this exciting community project.


The Community Garden is open to anyone who would like to become a member. There are two types of membership:

General Member: $25 annual fee

  • Entry to the garden and communal shed
  • Space to plant a limited number of plants in the garden’s communal growing areas
  • Fruit and vegetable produce cultivated from the communal growing areas, including communal beds, orchard, herbs, and bush tucker
  • Welcome to join in Busy Bees
  • Newsletters
  • Not required to contribute manual work

Bed Holder: $50 annual fee + twelve hours work a year in communal areas

  • All General Member inclusions
  • Use of an allocated raised garden bed

Applications for membership and guidelines are available at the dedicated St Luke’s Community Garden website.