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We are delighted that you are considering the baptism of your child at St Luke’s Mosman Park, and welcome any questions you may have about what is involved. Baptisms normally take place at our weekly 9:30am Mass.

The Prayer Book commends for boys two Godfathers and one Godmother; and for girls two Godmothers and one Godfather. Godparents must be baptised and preferably confirmed. Your child’s baptism will be recorded in the baptism register of the parish church. You will be given a certificate of baptism as an official record. The Godparents will also receive a card reminding them of their Godchild’s baptism and the responsibilities they have undertaken on his or her behalf.

There is no fee for a baptism, however to make a donation towards the ministry and ongoing life of St Luke’s is greatly appreciated. You may put your donation in the offertory bowl, or give it to the priest who officiates at the baptism. We understand that you may wish to have a photographic record of your child’s baptism. Flash and artificial lighting are not permitted during the ceremony. You are welcome to take photographs around the font after the service.

You will be asked to complete a Request for Baptism form, which will provide information to record your child’s baptism in the register and certificate.

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Signs and symbols of baptism

The baptism service takes place around the font situated adjacent to the main door of the church. The font is placed by the main door because baptism is the means by which we enter and become members of Christ’s Church. The word ‘font’ comes from the Latin word fons, meaning spring or fount of water, symbolising the new life which God gives us through the Holy Spirit. The water of baptism has a twofold symbolism – water washes away and cleanses our sins; water is also a symbol of life and refreshment. The sign of the Cross is the mark or badge of Christian. Tracing the sign of the Cross on the baby’s forehead shows that the baby is a child of Christ. The christening robe, or white garment, is symbol of innocence and new life in Christ. The candle given after baptism (lit from the Paschal or Easter candle representing the Risen and Living Lord) is a reminder that spirit of the Christ lives as a flame in your child.